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Learning, listening and responding - that's the Lumina way

Ted May 30, 2022 8:51:59 AM

Lumina has only been in operation for less than a year and we are still learning, always listening and taking action. You've told us “Give us real solutions, not just neat gadgets. Help me be more productive and safe at the same time.” We’ve heard you when you’ve articulated just how complex and variable your needs are. And you’ve shared countless stories of tedious, pain-staking efforts to solve problems in harsh conditions. We’ve listened, we’ve learned and we’ve responded.

Lumina has recently joined forces with Brooklyn-based drone manufacturer Easy Aerial to begin providing you solutions that address these challenges. Lumina now distributes Easy Aerial’s impressive line of rugged tethered and free-flight drones throughout Canada and other key countries. The crown jewel of Easy’s suite of products is the Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS) which combine the industry’s first hybrid tethered/free flight drone system with flexible drone-in-a-box technology, all manufactured with military-grade durability. 

Selecting Easy Aerial as a Lumina partner was simple because our companies share a similar philosophy: we want to make it easy to be productive and complete your missions. As the name implies, Easy Aerial designs its products for easy transport and quick deployment from virtually anywhere, including from an uncrewed autonomous vehicle (UGV) like the Milrem THeMIS and Multiscope Uncrewed Ground Vehicles, a pickup truck or simply as a stand-alone unit in a remote area. 

Integrating Easy Aerial’s autonomous and modular sky-based solution with Milrem’s robust and intelligent ground units multiplies the views you have, increases your situational intelligence and provides a wider range of solutions to accomplish work safely. 

Since Easy Aerial is a leading drone-in-a-box provider, integrating them into Lumina’s suite of solutions provides a robust, end-to-end, yet flexible strategy to efficiently and simultaneously address inspection, security and reporting needs. This integrated strategy makes Lumina an essential partner in the success of our energy, mining, forestry clients, as well as emergency commanders, first responders and researchers. 

With the help of amazing partners like Milrem Robotics and now Easy Aerial, Lumina offers a world-class portfolio of products and services that keep Canadians safe through robotics and autonomy.  Lumina offers solutions to specific end-user applications, including security, fire and rescue, emergency response and incident monitoring and inspection and surveying services in hazardous and remote areas.

At the end of the day however we’re  still listening and learning. Please let us know if you think aerial, ground based or both areas rolled into one can help you in your work. Tell us about the specific challenges you're facing and let us work together to solve your problems and increase your productivity. 

As always, please reach out to us at 

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