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Remove risks to people throughout the entire exploration and extraction process: from drilling to pipeline inspection

Automate your Inspections

Inspect tailings ponds, pipelines and key infrastructure more efficiently while eliminating mind-numbing routine. Automate dangerous and repetitive tasks and run work streams 24/7

Respond Quickly to Emergencies

Shorten tactical deployment of fire response teams while enhancing risk assessments via real time images and video. Fire suppression with standoff capabilities

Haul gear anywhere, anytime

Provide logistical support for your exploration and drilling teams, enhancing safety and productivity, regardless of the terrain, and in any weather. Deploy gear to and from basecamp autonomously

Our solutions increase your teams' safety and effectiveness in hazardous or dangerous situations 

Lumina’s solutions can reduce the cost of your inspection and surveying tasks, spill response, and fire and rescue preparedness - all from a single platform.

Inspect tailings ponds, pipelines and critical infrastructure using a variety of sensors. Haul generators and pumps into hard to reach places you've previously had a helicopter.

Respond to and deal with unpredictable fire-related incidents without putting your crews in harms way, and with full standoff capabilities.

Reduce risk of accidents caused by fatigue or errors in judgement by automating dangerous and repetitive tasks - all while running work streams 24/7 and redeploying crucial team members to more meaningful productive work. 

Demonstrate sustainability and dedication to ESG goals by responding quickly to spills in environmentally sensitive areas to prevent and quickly mitigate reputational damage.

We offer an integrated platform approach with interchangeable payload options that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investment.

Unmanned and fully autonomous capabilities available depending on the operational requirements.

Lumina works with you to design and support flexible, fully customizable solutions that meet your needs today, and tomorrow.


Breathing apparatus
EA ERMS Controller
3 Payload Tethered Raptor Drone-1
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Accomplish more. Safely.

Lumina Technology Partners helps you achieve your goals safely and more intelligently with fully customizable solutions powered by autonomous technologies

Forest, desert or tundra; from -40° to +95° celsius. Harsh, unforgiving environments are less of a barrier to mission success, whether you operate in Canada's remotest regions, or further afield supporting your international exploration, drilling and extraction operations.