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Fire & Rescue, Emergency Operations

Protect Fire Crews from harm, improve real-time situational awareness with detailed
images and live video, provide logistical support to reduce strain on resources


Improved Situational Awareness

Safely view the scene of an incident at ground-level or from the air. Enter potential collapse zones without endangering your crews

Standoff Capabilities

Attack dangerous or unpredictable chemical or forest wildfires at a safe distance without risk of exposing crews to explosions or falling debris 

Logistical Support

Enhance post-operation logistics by hauling critical supplies and equipment while redeploying team members to more meaningful productive work

Our solutions increase your crews' safety and effectiveness in hazardous or dangerous situations 

Shorten tactical deployment and placement while enhancing risk assessments via real time video directly from the fireground - at ground level or from the air.

Tackle incidents in unsafe industrial, tunnel, and wildfire settings without putting your crews in harms way, with full standoff capabilities. 

Get heavy hoses across longer distances in less time, then pack-up gear faster and with less effort to reduce time to next deployment.

We offer an integrated platform approach with interchangeable payload options that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investment.

Unmanned and fully autonomous capabilities available depending on the operational requirements.

Lumina works with you to design and support flexible, fully customizable solutions that meet your needs today, and tomorrow.



MultiScope Firefightig
Multiscope with Firemen

Accomplish more. Safely.

Lumina Technology Partners helps you achieve your goals safely and more intelligently with fully customizable solutions powered by autonomous technologies