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Government & Defence  

Improve response times and operational effectiveness of personnel deploying to security or humanitarian missions in harsh and remote environments

Automate routine patrols

Conduct surveillance and border and perimeter control operations autonomously and to preset waypoints and timelines. Redeploy valuable personnel to more meaningful productive work

Obtain Force Multiplier effects

Deploy unmanned units in advance or in support of security personnel in order obtain improved situational awareness and mission outcomes

Provide logistical support

Haul equipment and critical supplies to personnel in the field, safely and securely, regardless of the terrain, and in any weather. Support humanitarian missions without compromising personnel safety 

Our solutions increase personnel safety and effectiveness in hazardous or dangerous situations 

Lumina’s solutions allow you to respond quickly and effectively to security threats and humanitarian crises, while keeping valuable personnel out of harm’s way.

Live video from the ground, and in the air, provides commanders with robust intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities over large areas, resulting in decreased reaction time.

Routine tasks such as conducting perimeter surveillance and patrolling facilities at night are made easier, safer and more efficient. 

Unmanned and autonomous systems combine with personnel and other equipment in the field to provide significant force multiplier effects. 

In disaster response scenarios, clear access roads and remove rubble safely and efficiently. Assess structural damage following a disaster without relief workers having to enter areas prone to collapse and falling debris. Quickly erect disaster relief supply chains to transport medical supplies, food, water and equipment, and run them 24/7 without risk of driver fatigue. 

We offer an integrated platform approach with interchangeable payload options that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investment.

Unmanned and fully autonomous capabilities are available depending on the operational requirements.

Lumina works with you to design and support flexible, fully customizable solutions that meet your needs today, and tomorrow.


Proud Member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries

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Accomplish more. Safely.

Lumina Technology Partners helps you achieve your goals safely and more intelligently with fully customizable solutions powered by autonomous technologies

Forest, desert or tundra; from -40° to +95° celsius. Harsh, unforgiving environments are less of a barrier to mission success, whether you operate in Canada's remotest regions, or further afield supporting allies or victims of disasters.