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Solutions-based Autonomy

We deploy technology and solutions to keep people from dangerous situations. Our fully customizable unmanned and autonomous solutions eliminate the need to send humans into dangerous or remote areas to accomplish important work.
We can address a diverse set of requirements, including Fire & Rescue and Emergency Response, Inspection and Surveying, and logistics support, especially in hazardous environments - often via a single flexible underlying platform.
We help you tackle the '3 Ds' head on: Dangerous, dirty and dull work is taken away from your teams, allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks - all while enhancing safety, improving retention of scarce skilled labour, and contributing to your bottom line.

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We offer the full range of Easy Aerial 'drone-in-a-box' Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS) featuring all-weather operation, full autonomous capabilities, and including the option tethered, free flight and the industry's first hybrid tethered/free-flight UAV, capable of meeting a wide and diverse set of needs for both commercial and public sector organizations.

General Drone.240
Osprey Standard 02
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EGV Cropped
Watch the Easy Aerial Hybrid Tethered/Free-Flight Falcon UAV being deployed to monitor and respond to potential wildfires!

Easy Aerial's EGV SAMS systems and Milrem Robotics' THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs together represent a unique and unbeatable combination.  

Easy-Aerial SAMS range
T45 Milrem_Robotics_Transport_green-427x310

Our UGV and UAV solutions incorporate both stand-alone and integrated options for maximum operational flexibility

Accomplish more. Safely.

People matter. That’s why we have searched the world for the most innovative solutions designed to protect people from dangerous work and save them from threatening situations.

Plus, with solutions that take away the need for people on the ground, harsh, unforgiving environments are less of a barrier to mission success.

Lumina Technology Partners helps you achieve your goals safely and more intelligently with fully customizable solutions powered by world-class autonomous technology.

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Fire & Rescue, Emergency Operations

Fire suppression and support with standoff capability. Obtain on the ground real-time situational intelligence without putting your fire control and rescue teams at risk.


Remove risks to people throughout the entire exploration and extraction process: from drilling to pipeline inspection. Respond quickly to emergencies. Automate your infrastructure and perimeter control tasks with 24/7 capabilities. 


Increase efficiency and productivity while meeting health and safety and goals. Remotely inspect your infrastructure, and take detailed images, video and sensor readings - above and below ground - to support mine safety and security.


Respond quickly to fire risks while maintaining safety and productivity in harsh and remote locations. Plant new seedlings, clear and pre-thin quickly, intelligently and at scale. Manage land reclamation and ecological restoration post mine or camp closure.


Automate planting, weeding, feeding and fertilizing. Keep tabs on moisture levels, and respond quickly to issues in order to maximize yield. Automate low-value, high intensity tasks while you focus on improving yields and profitability.

Government & Defence

Improve response times and operational effectiveness of personnel deploying to security or humanitarian missions in hostile environments. Conduct remote surveillance and border and perimeter control operations automatically and to preset waypoints and timelines.

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Why Lumina?

Our goal is to be Canada’s leading robotics and autonomous systems integrator. Our portfolio offers multiple customizable payloads to address a variety of applications including firefighting, transport and logistics and emergency response and monitoring. We believe in a future where autonomous systems can make existing workstreams faster and more efficient, and pioneer valuable new workstreams that were not feasible before.

Lumina can help you improve productivity and effectiveness by:

  • Reducing risk of accidents caused by responder fatigue or errors in judgement
  • Automating dangerous and repetitive tasks with the ability to run work streams 24/7
  • Redeploying crucial team members to more meaningful and productive work through automation
  • Demonstrating sustainability and commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals
  • Improving decision-making through artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and scenario modelling
  • Retaining scarce skilled labour

Members of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries