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Setting the standard for military-grade drone-in-a-box solutions 

Easy Aerial is the industry's leading drone-in-a-box solutions manufacturer. With a wide range of both tethered and untethered solutions - including the industry's first hybrid tethered/free flight drone - Easy Aerial helps to streamline and improve many important day to day operations including inspection, surveillance, and perimeter patrol, in both the commercial and defence sectors.

Their proprietary Easy Remote Management System (ERMS) can be configured for automatic deployment based on set triggers, or pre-set waypoints, with virtually no drone experience required

The recently introduced Easy Guard Vehicle (EGV) range is a  natural payload option to the Milrem THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs for defence and commercial end users, providing outstanding mission mobility and flexibility.

Proudly designed and built in the United States, Easy Aerial is one of only a handful of vendors approved for use by the US Defence Innovation Unit under the sBlue UAS 2 program.

Easy Aerial is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, with offices in Israel and Serbia.

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Lumina Technology Partners is proud to partner with Easy Aerial in Canada and other International markets

We are a global distributor of Easy Aerial solutions and are pleased to offer the full suite of drone-in-a-box solutions, to both commercial and public sector customers.

Industry leaders in military grade tethered, untethered, and the industry’s first ‘hybrid’ drone solution

SAMS-T Mini 2
Osprey Standard 02
Osprey RFID 03
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Easy-Aerial SAMS range
Easy Aerial's solutions provide robust, yet elegant solutions to some of the most important operational challenges, including forest fire detection, and site and perimeter security.

Boiling it down

Easy Aerial simplifies, enhances and automates UAV operations through the integration of aerial drones, ground stations and the intuitive ERMS software suite. 

Multi-mission capable: a diverse range of professional grade payloads leverage optical, IR and thermal cameras, communications relay, LIDAR, RFID for asset tracking and inventory, and built-in AI options capable of object detection, tracking and recognition.    

EA 3 components

Smart Aerial Monitoring System (SAMS) - selected Technical Specifications

SAMS Tech Specs
Additional services and capabilities:
  • On-site training 
  • On-line simulator
  • Waypoint navigation
  • Ability to operate from moving vehicle at speeds up to 40Km/h
  • Takeoff and landing from multiple ground stations enables BVLOS operations
  • Integration with ground, fence, CCTV, and other sensors

Why Lumina?

Our goal is to be Canada’s leading robotics and autonomous systems integrator. Our portfolio offers multiple customizable payloads to address a variety of applications including firefighting, transport and logistics and emergency response and monitoring. We believe in a future where autonomous systems can make existing workstreams faster and more efficient, and pioneer valuable new workstreams that were not feasible before.